The Family Proclamation Project – Introduction

False prophets fill the halls of academic false priesthoods, spouting forth from their cathedrals of worldly preaching lies meant to deceive the very elect (Matthew 24: 24) that pervert good for evil and evil for good, who call the sweetness of eternal life bitter ashes while offering filthy water as a sweet honey (Isaiah 5: 20). Our world is steeped in their corrupted teachings and many souls have been lost to them.

Against such darkness, the Lord saw fit to prompt His representatives here on earth with a divine proclamation, a proclamation about the family. Many saw it as common sense or simply a restatement of the mores and standards of the day when it was first introduced. In our time, we can readily see the wisdom and divine providence in its codification. It has become a flash point in the spiritual struggle over the United States and even the world. It’s read and asserted by its supporters while being derided and mocked by its detractors.

Considering the importance the Family Proclamation has now in our society, it should not only be proclaimed but analyzed, expounded, and explained. It is the intention of Righteous Dominion’s Family Proclamation Project to do just that. Articles studying each section of the Proclamation will be posted while also connecting the truths found within to our current spiritual crisis. Constructive discussion is encouraged. Thank you for reading.

𐐎𐐨 𐑃𐐰𐑍𐐿 𐑄𐐨 𐐬 𐐘𐐪𐐼 𐑁𐐫𐑉 𐐩 𐐹𐑉𐐪𐑁𐐮𐐻

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