White House Petition to Put Brigham Young on the $20 Bill

For understandable reasons, the government is considering replacing Andrew Jackson on the $20 bill with another important person in US history. The replacement should be someone who contributed immensely to the United States and helped shape it into the great nation it is today. An excellent choice would be a leader of a prominent American group that historically suffered extreme persecution by the US government and citizens, and despite that, was able to open up large swathes of America for habitation and settlement. There is no better choice to be proudly displayed on the $20 bill than Brigham Young.

Among his many qualifications for receiving such a high honor, Brigham Young led a persecuted group into the then unsettled West and helped it flourish into a land fit for habitation. He placed settlements all over what is now Utah, Idaho, Nevada, and Arizona. These states would not exist were it not for his great leadership, and they made it possible for the continent and country to be connected from the East to the West. Not only that, but these settlements were clearly designated as being free territories, helping push for the end of slavery.

Brigham Young was not only a settlement leader, but the second religious leader of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, currently the largest religion founded in the United States. This group received horrible persecution from fellow citizens and neighbors including having property destroyed, farms burnt, and even church members murdered. When looking for redress from the government, they were instead ordered to leave or be killed in a government enacted extermination order. After the original leader of the Church was martyred, Brigham Young took over the role as leader of the Church and instead of trying to claim vengeance, led his people away to the West. Even then, the government followed them and sought to destroy them.

Honoring Brigham Young on the $20 bill would not only honor a great man who helped make the United States what it is today, but would also be a step in addressing the wrongs committed by the United States against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Let’s make it happen. You can sign the petition here.

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