8 Outrage Mob Commenters You Should Avoid

** These are comments people left on the article 18 Teachers At BYU You Should Avoid. As with the previous article about BYU teachers, THIS IS NOT A BLACKLIST. This is not commentary on anything people have said. You can make up your own mind about these screenshots. You don’t need commentary from me. I personally think they include some rhetoric that should be avoided. We should foster an environment that values diverse opinion.**

5 Replies to “8 Outrage Mob Commenters You Should Avoid”

  1. Bro what about these are outrageous? SUPER tame for the internet LOL! The BYU profs and these commenters are expressing their opinions same as you. Isn’t freedom of speech all about expressing your opinion, AND your view on others’ opinions? Now if they were trying to get the site shut down or dox you guys THAT would be intolerance. From what I’ve seen they just disagree with you and are expressing it, same as you did.

    1. You are one of the most simplistic, thin-skinned bloggers I’ve ever come across. You rip on anyone who disagrees with you, even those who respectfully make valid points. Something tells me you’d get along great with Trump. Funny how you and so many others have graduated from “blind obedience to church leaders” to “blind obedience to the GOP”. There is nothing godly about the Orange Vulgarian we have in the White House.

  2. Again, because you seem to have missed it.

    Blacklist: a list of people or things that are regarded as unacceptable or untrustworthy and should be excluded or avoided.

    Even though you give “no commentary” it’s pretty clear what you think as all the comments you posted are criticizing you. And you literally use “avoid” in the title.

  3. For someone who likes to dish out criticism, you certainly can’t take it. I guess that’s why you hide behind anonymity. Crawl back to your safe space, snowflake.

  4. THANK YOU for providing a list of progressive evil that should be avoided AT ALL COSTS.
    I just found your blog, I’ll be back.

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