How Holding The Priesthood Fulfills Men

Different churches preach very different ideas about priesthood and the man’s role in religion. Some churches are dominated by grim priests who give lengthy sermons. Some churches entertain on a stage. Some churches sing guitar songs about love and avoid the heart of theology and faith. I find that in any case, a good strong man who leads the congregation delivers an uplifting message and brings us closer to heaven.

One vitally important thing about the LDS is the practice of giving a measure of this responsibility to all worthy men. Priesthood is an important element of our church that fulfills us individually and lifts us as a community as each man takes part. This relationship and service for God and position of leadership empowers men so that he can bless his family and entire community.

A Case For Patriarchy

The 1828 dictionary defined patriarch as, “The father and ruler of a family; one who governs by paternal right.” The dictionary today erases the part about ‘paternal right’ (not surprising, has made their contempt for traditional-minded people clear.) Our Socialist thought-leaders want us to believe patriarchy is an out-dated model founded on societal conditioning. But the truth is it is a paternal right. It starts with fatherhood.

The father deserves a leadership role of his family, and this beneficially provides a healthy environment for children to grow up in. Each father fulfilling his patriarchal mission is like a trickle of water that collects into a stream, and the stream directs society as a whole. A man’s leadership role is simple biology–a fact that was once common sense but today scientists are too afraid to tell the truth about. It is a leadership role that blesses his children and wife, and provides for society.

In the Old Testament, patriarchal leadership for society was synonymous with family. Nomads wandering the deserts found family to be the most basic and important unit of their society. The Hebrew Law formalized this kind of arrangement, with grave punishments for children who rebelled against their parents. Imagine today a law that severely punished children who did not obey their parents. It’s unthinkable because of how greatly patriarchy has diminished in our urban culture, as well as how greatly big government has replaced a man’s rightful place of leadership in society and family. The prophets Abraham, Isaac, and Joseph lived in tiny migrant groups where everybody was familiar and related, and authority rested on the superior elder. Urban centers such as Sodom and Gomorrah experienced social decay and quickly collapsed.

What kind of power did women hold as mothers? More than we think. Rebecca got her son Isaac to steal his brother’s birthright and changed the entire course of history. The bible doesn’t treat this as an act of treachery as we might expect, but instead celebrates what she did. Eve directed the course of human events from the very start by taking matters into her own hands for how to fulfill God’s commandment to replenish and multiply. Sarah made Abraham’s other wife, Hagar, her own servant, to become banished because she was jealous of her. We can’t pretend like women don’t continue today to direct the course of human events. But unfortunately, women have forgotten the godly power they rightfully hold, just as men have.

With Adam and Eve, we see two very important roles distinguish Adam, fatherhood and relationship with God. Aside from rare events such as God’s intervention on behalf of the forsaken Hagar, it was often men who angels appeared to and delivered messages that affected the entire family and society. Mary the mother of Joseph submitted to her husband Joseph, as an angel appeared to Joseph, not Mary, and warned him of impending danger from the government and urged them to flee to Egypt. It was his role.

Endowment Of Power

Sensual and emotional urges are unfortunately twisted to animistic perversion, but they could motivate us to take that scary leap from singledom to fatherhood and husband, and in so doing claim the power and leadership role. We in the West are incessantly confronted with television commercials, magazine adds, films, music, and other globalist influence that seek to diminish this power and hand it over to corporate powers, to both men and women. The vast majority of media today is dedicated to convincing us to give away our rightful powers, and we don’t even see it. The television commercial that shows a wife rolling her eyes because her dumb husband burned himself on the grill again–buy this health insurance! The movie script that shows women balancing a CEO job with family and hectic New York life, all with a smile–work a job! The message is always that we need to buy a product to make up for our inadequacies as men or women, and that we need to be corporate slaves instead of focus on progeny.

Patriarchy and womanhood are solemn and profound roles that compliment and strengthen each other. Unfortunately, the consumerism-focused corporations that direct our popular culture demonizes the role of father and mother, and do everything to keep us apart–exactly like how Satan did everything he could in the Garden of Eden to keep man and woman apart and avoid reproduction. Today, birth rates are falling and children are more neglected than ever. Literature, movies, and games that do include father figures distort what fatherhood is all about, confusing the role of mother and father and in some other way completely mutilating them to erase the principles of power. When is the last time you saw a movie with a male character who admires the leadership of his father and strives to improve himself to be like his father? We saw that in Black Panther, but then the movie gave us a twist and we ended up ruing his father’s patriarchy. He ended up handing over his country’s power to globalism. Women are taught to hate manliness and always linger her finger over the divorce button. Children are taught to resent morality that would protect them, and compete for the coveted role of who is most oppressed. “My Mormon father is always forcing his standards on me…” is what they want Mormon children to say. The power that a father fought his entire life so hard to achieve can so easily be erased by the child that gives in to the persuasive antics from the Great and Spacious building that they are daily forced to enter, starting at age five. Our godly position of authority is a battle we never seem to stop fighting.

Our realm revolves around our wife and children. For example, our political concerns are primarily about our family. Then our it extends to the community, and then to the world at large. As conservatives, we seek to preserve the system that worked very well for thousands or millions of years but only now the Left wants to liberalise. Our greatest nightmare is that like Jacob we wake up one morning and find that the wolves of Leftism have claimed our prize son, who has become a slave to the worldly nightmare of modern culture. We try to protect our homes from poisonous intrusions such as feminism and the cult of equality. We are weak. But heaven delivers us power as men to achieve great things for the sake of the wives and children.

“Wherefore, I call upon the weak things of the world, those who are unlearned and despised, to thresh the nations by the power of my Spirit;

And their arm shall be my arm, and I will be their shield and their buckler; and I will gird up their loins, and they shall fight manfully for me; and their enemies shall be under their feet; and I will let fall the sword in their behalf, and by the fire of mine indignation will I preserve them.” (D&C 35:13-14)

Hagar got the power she needed to fight this battle, because she was completely alone and needed something. But most women have options. It is unnatural for women to fight this good fight the way men do. Yes, I know, film after film portrays the 5 ft 2 inch girl as a crazy tough chick who beat down the giant men, saving her children and diminutive husband from danger. Nations and corporations increasingly fill top leadership positions entirely with women. Should women stay in the home? Well I can’t imagine the stress it takes to run a business and also raise children. If someone can handle that, more power to them. But I think another issue, and what we don’t really talk about, is how the power of a father trickles into mainstream society. How does that happen? Does that happen? Growing up in modern culture you wouldn’t think so. Fatherhood is for wimps, according to modern culture. But I think the patriarchal force lead nations. At its most basic level, a man hunts to provide for the children and pursues excellence to impress a suitable mate. This develops society. A man off on his own? That doesn’t count for much. And yes, the priesthood power of a woman is there every step of the way. But let’s stop pretending they are the same. They are not the same. Women do not beat up twenty large men who are attacking her. That is not reality. Social justice conditioning pushes this gender equality lie that pushes away from our power as men and women, pulling down the strong on an equal playing field with the weak. Real power is a manful battle.

What Priesthood Is

When we talk about a priest in mainstream society, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of a celibate monk who confines himself in a sedentary space and repeats lines from text over and over in his head. Maybe you think of the old superstitious crazies who threw children and women into volcanoes to appease the gods, or the smooth-talking Southerner who buys expensive yachts to “spread the good word.” What is priesthood? It is a principle that empoewrs, and it applies to everyone. We are all priests or priestesses to some kind of doctrine–the true path of God or the counterfeit path of the world.

I have met many men who though not LDS were on the right path, just as I have met LDS who were on the counterfeit path of social justice even though they were Mormon. Consider world leaders who have power but use it to evil ends, such as Harvey Weinstein or Germany’s Angel Merkel. Do their power and wisdom stem from their family roots? Well, Angela is childless and Harvey–well, you know. Sometimes power stems from a righteous priesthood, but especially with the leaders of this world, it often doesn’t. It is an evil priesthood which is not built on patriarchy. In the case of Harvey it is built on feminism-turned-male-scumbag. If not principles of fatherhood and husbandship, what principles does false priesthood power rest on? Greed. Jealousy. Hatred. Social Justice. Selfishness. If we consider the community and world at large as their “children,” then they consume their children like the evil priests of ancient times. It comes back to raising good children to the Lord versus consuming children for selfish greed. Godly priesthood begins and is judged by fatherhood, and this is the virtue with which we approach it. This is how it spread from the individual to the family, and from the family on to the world.

The Oxford Dictionary revises words that feminists don’t like. The thought-leaders hate patriarchy and are doing everything to expel fatherhood from our lives. We are surrounded by the new-speak, and it is pretty much impossible for someone who is not influenced by the gospel to figure it out on their own. It is hard enough as Mormons to figure it out. With the high possibility of being fleeced by no-fault divorce, your children being brainwashed against you, and the government arbitrarily tearing your family apart, it feels like walking through a minefield, and most men think “why bother?” Most men want to fulfill this life and become powerful patriarchs in charge of their lives and bringing peace to the world, but the possibility of success appears hopeless. It is so much easier to give into feminism, believe that patriarchy is the “main and integral force of oppression,” and feed the ugly beast that rides upon the waters. As a man of the church, I feel it my duty to reach out to these men and empower them. They don’t have to be Mormon to embrace these principles and make the world a better place through self-improvement.

Patriarchy is a righteous priesthood, and it is the basis for peace, prosperity, and development of civilization. Any civilization devoid of male leadership has dwindled and devolved into chaos. Civilization needs the men. It is a matter of individuals and society as a whole embracing their divine authority and stepping into the dark unknown, just as the patriarchs of old did. It is a potential that resides in every man.

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